The Creative Process: Organizing a Temper Tantrum

Understanding a little bit about some of the tools and methods makes the creative process less mysterious and simpler to understand. My process resembles throwing a temper tantrum and then organizing it. I might skip some of the parts, reorder them, spend a long time in one place and less time in other places, or very occasionally, go start to finish with a final design as a result. 1. Gather a huge collection of stuff. Make a mess. Gather, clip, search, draw, sketch, read, copy, paste. Collect everything with possibility,... Read The Rest →

5 Hard Questions You Should Answer Before Starting a New Project » 5 Hard Questions You Should Answer Before Starting a New Project – If you want a new website or a new design, but don't know where to start, don't quite have specific goals for it yet, and don't have any idea how much time it will require, you can save yourself time and effort by thinking through some of the answers to these questions. For so many of the projects I have been a part of, clients discover that once we get started, the ideas start to flow,... Read The Rest →

10 ways to think about and identify your brand

1. Your company’s brand is the part of what you do that nobody talks about because it is so obvious. 2. Your brand is not what you say that it is, it is the experience the customer has when they interact with your company. 3. The success of a brand can be measured by the difference in the customer’s expectations and their experience in interacting with your company. 4. Your brand is not a product, packaging or design; it is the personality with which those things are delivered. 5. Your... Read The Rest →

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