5 Hard Questions You Should Answer Before Starting a New Project

  • Skelliewag.org » 5 Hard Questions You Should Answer Before Starting a New Project – If you want a new website or a new design, but don't know where to start, don't quite have specific goals for it yet, and don't have any idea how much time it will require, you can save yourself time and effort by thinking through some of the answers to these questions.

    For so many of the projects I have been a part of, clients discover that once we get started, the ideas start to flow, and they now want it all — flash animation, interactive custom graphics and data displays, custom searches, all in addtion to many new cool features they have seen on other websites. If the goal of the project is "the point where you would be satisfied with it" and by remaining highly selective about including only the design elements that contribute toward the goal of the project, a design will be more effective. By keeping the design goal-focused and simpler,you can launch a new project sooner, start interacting with it, and see how to manage the resources you are able to apply to it.

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